Shelter for homeless animals "PIF" Donetsk city, Ukraine

“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me”. Matthew 25:40

Sooner or later practically all of us think that it would be better to acquire a cat or a dog. And we begin to seek out a pet. It is often desirable, that it was not simply a four-footed friend, but a certain confirmation of our status: a pure-bred cat with deserving genealogy or a dog - a potential champion and possessor of various titles.

We search for such animals on announcements, join clubs, wait for a kitten or a puppy for months, spend much money on them, and then proudly tell friends about their successes and achievements. In fact it is our success, our achievements!

And somewhere at this time there live animals with quite another fate. They do not have titles and regalia, the genealogy of many of them began in basement of a many- storeyed building, and the majority of these animals never knew a loving owner.

Each of them has its own story. Some of them lost an owner by chance, others never had him….

A shabby cat, sitting on a fence under dank rain, used to be a replete cat with glossy hair. His old, lonely owner used to buy him tasty morsels from her pension, and every evening she used to scratch her pet’s ear and to speak with him.

They were so lucky together! And then an old woman died. And the cat does not understand now why some strange people keep him away from the house where he was happy and where it was warm and nice!

Every day a dog with hollow sides comes to the same place. Here it saw the owners for the last time. And now it dawdles here in any weather, coming to the rare passers-by with a hope: « If it is him! Maybe he has changed, in fact much time has already passed».

The dog does not understand that it was betrayed. It does not simply know how it is to betray a friend.

If animals were able to talk, they would tell about human cruelty, frivolity, treachery. But they are not able to speak.

And animals betrayed by people plod on life, hanging down head, evading kicks and interrogatively peeping into the eyes of casual passers-by.

Do you think, they ask for a handout? No! Pitiless life taught them to find scanty subsistence. They search for love, they still trust people.

It doesn’t matter why they appeared in the street: whether it happened because of tragic chance or human cruelty, homeless animals believe to the end that one day their Man will appear, will pat them affectionately on withers or will scratch their ear and will say: « Hey, friend, let’s go home».

Maybe, you are that Man? Think, do you really need genealogies, titles, cups and medals? Enter the shelter for homeless animals and look in their eyes. Maybe, it’s here that a true, devoted and unselfish friend waits for you?

Friends, we are pleased to welcome you to the website of Donetsk City Charitable Foundation "PIF!"

Our organization was established on 22 July 2005 (registration number 12661070001010585). Victoria Vasileva is a Director of the shelter. The shelter is located on the territory of the former motor company. The land area was allocated to the shelter by the Donetsk city administration and its area is about 1.43 hectares.

The shelter does not receive any government subsidies. "PIF" Foundation and its pets are financed from expense of the founders, volunteers and patrons. Today, there are about 800 dogs and puppies constantly live in the shelter. Each of our pets had a very cruel school of life. Some of the animals we found on streets, where they had been thrown by their former owners, many of them were born on streets, others have been thrown to us, a lot of animals came to the shelter wounded and injured.

The shelter abides the standards of humane animal birth control. From 2011 till 2015 on the base of the shelter the program as for humane control of stray animal population (CSCV) has been implemented: Catching. Sterilization. Chipping. Vaccination against rabies and issue animals into a former habitat. Due to this program the city reduced the number of stray dogs at the 30% (8,000 dogs had been sterilized).

Unfortunately the program was closed through the military action in our city. Unfortunately, military action has led to the increasing of stray dogs at the streets of our city in several times. Mostly due to the abandoned animals, when their former owners had left in a rush homes through the military action.

So now more than ever, the resumption of the program is a vital. In addition to CSCV program our shelter is the implementer of a free veterinary care, thanks to it we managed to save the lives of about 4,000 homeless animals. Our organization together with volunteers does a great job of finding for pets caring and loving owners.

Through this work thousands of animals live in new families not only in Donetsk, but all over Ukraine, Russia and Europe. Our Foundation is a very active in promoting of the humane treatment of animals and promotion of mongrel dogs as household pets. We initiate and lobby for the adoption the law "About protection of animals", and mandatory registration of all pets.

We organize various social and charity events, such as: "Donetsk paws", "The Measure of Love", exhibition of mongrel dogs "Cup of PIF", dog training "Friend" and many others. Our plans include the implementation of projects for the education of guide dogs and сanis-therapists.

It seems impossible to do all what is written above. But possibilities appear when there is a desire. We, the organizers and volunteers of the shelter for homeless animals "PIF" are united by a desire to make this world a more tolerant and kinder.

You may complain about the inaction of state structures in relation of stray animals, you may sympathize the kitten or puppy weeping in the pouring rain in a cold autumn night and then go away, and of course you can generally shrug off this problem...

But you can at least try to do something and to realize something small which will turn into something great. We want that our hometown and favorite city Donetsk, the city where million roses bloom, became a city marked by such qualities as mercy, compassion and humanity.

We hope for your help and support, and we invite you to work together.

Owner useful to know

Step 1. Look pets album on the site of our shelter dogs, read the description, define your favorite dog.

Step 2. Discuss your decision with family members. Very good if all family members will glad to get a dog, and if necessary, will be able to insure you if you are sick, stay at work, etc., if they can help you with walking the dog and taking care of the dog. If you have pets at home, keep in mind that not all animals get along with each other, so be ready to spend some time and efforts to make sure that your pets became friends.

Step 3. Consider the decision to the last detail! If you want to take a dog for the first time you have to consult with people who already have a dog, let them talk about the difficulties and problems they encountered when acquired of a pet. Make sure that you and your family members are not allergic to dogs. Remember that the animal is a certain material costs - dogs need good nutrition, annual vaccination and treatment for fleas and worms on a certain schedule.

If an animal is sick, then the treatment can be expensive. You might also need some lessons with a cynologist that may also require certain costs. To avoid returning the dog back to the shelter please rate all of your chances.

Step 4. A trip to a shelter. Bring along snacks to make familiarity with the dog more interesting. Do not forget to bring your passport. You should have time to meet with the dog and make all necessary paperwork. When you choose a dog it will be better to come to it in about two or three days, so give yourself another opportunity to weigh and consider. Pay special attention to issues related to the future health of your dog.

You will not be offered to take the dog from a shelter which is currently undergoing treatment. However you should take in mind that many of the dogs lived in awful conditions before they got to the shelter and this could not but affect their health.

Step 5. Adoption. You need to bring your passport and be ready to sign an agreement of the transfer of a dog from a shelter to you. You also need a collar and a leash. After reading the agreement you have to sign it with all agreement conditions.

Under the agreement conditions a staff of the shelter, volunteers, caretakers have the right to visit the dog to see dog's living conditions, to evaluate its physical and psychological condition after some time passes.

You can indicate that the dog is on "trial period". In any case, you retain the right to return the dog back. But we very much hope that you will never use this right! After all, a dog is not a commodity that you can simply return to the store if it "lose its attraction." They quickly become attached to the new owners, and their return to the shelter becomes for them a severe psychological injury.

The first possible difficulties

- dog does not accustomed to the toilet outside;
- dog whines at nights;
- dog does not carry out commands, etc .;

In some cases when the dog is left at home alone, it starts to chew and break everything what can get.

You should not expect that the dog will behave perfectly in the first days of residence in your home. These dogs exist, but you should not count on an ideal.

You will need patience and endurance, and, what is the most important, a great love for the dog. And if you have patience you will know how grateful the animals taken from a shelter are! You will be proud of yourself and your pet!

You can always seek the assistance from our shelter in dealing with behavioral issues.



The main problem of the volunteer movement is that there are not enough of volunteers. After all due to the number of volunteers and their activity depends the success of volunteer activities, the main purpose of which is to create decent living conditions for animals and search new owners for them.

Such activity is entirely voluntary. Volunteers become people who are willing to take an active part in the life of animals from a shelter and to give them a love and a human care until the animals have not found a new home. Each volunteer does what he can, on what he has time, resources and desire.

The main directions of volunteers’ activities in our Foundation are:

• Taking care of animals from the shelter: helping in maintaining a healthy and well-groomed dog type (external examination, grooming, combing, cutting claws)

• Assistance during medical procedures: injections, annual vaccination;

• Socialization of dogs: to train walking on a leash; to trust people again; to show life outside the cage, adapting the dogs to the conditions of the urban environment

• Finding a new home for socialized dogs

• Dissemination of information about the activities of our foundation and needs of the shelter

• Checking the living conditions of dogs who found a new family

• Photo and video of animals, assembling of the footage

• Copywriting (composing ad text)

• Posting messages on the Internet and the media, on billboards

• Helping in the organization and implementation of social and charity projects

• Helping to repair dog-houses

• Overexposure of animals for a period of their rehabilitation.

If you want to become a volunteer of our shelter, call or write:

+38 050 5493399 The administrator of Donetsk City Charity Foundation "PIF" every day from 09.00 till 17.00.


How you can help us

The shelter constantly needs your help!

Friends, since the shelter establishment the thousands of stray dogs have been saved from disease, hunger and death by the shelter's staff and volunteers.

The fate of each of the newly admitted pets in the shelter in many ways is a terrible proof of a human cruelty. We provide shelter, care and protection for dogs, which had been betrayed and thrown into the street by their owners, exhausted and mutilated dogs.

Pets and their treatment requires constantly investments for the purchase of medicines, fodder, household needs.

The budget, as well as a list of needs for a month can be viewed here: The shelter does not receive any government subsidies and exists solely through voluntary donations. Now under the care of the Foundation are about 800 dogs.

Our shelter is in dire need of products (cereals, meat, dry food), medicines, materials to insulate of doghouses, extra hands, financial support.

We always need active support in finding family for animals, because even the best shelter can never become a real home for our animals, they all dream about loved and loving owner.

Our contact telephone number: +38 050-549-33-00, every day from 09.00 till 17.00. The administrator of Donetsk City Charity Fund "PIF"

If you have the ability and willingness to provide financial support to our shelter, please use the details below:

Our requisites In American dollars:

InetrmediaryDeutsche Bank, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Beneficiarys bank Acc. №10094765400000
Account with institutionJSP ProCreditBank (Formerly Microfinance Bank), Kiev, Ukraine
Beneficiarys“Сharitable Fund “PIF” оf Donetsk City the Shelter for Homeless Animals”
AddressHouse 18, Behtereva str. 83058 Donetsk, Ukraine
Account number260040103428


E111462528809 in EUR
Z648769748274 in USD

Also, You can contribute through internal systems Western Union and Moneygram for Bryzgalova Vita.

Attention! An active help is always required to organize further life of animals. Help them to find their family! If you or someone of your friends and acquaintances think of acquiring a dog, please, tell them about our shelter. Thank you for your help beforehand!